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Independent Agent

Whether you’re new or seasoned in the financial industry, we can help you achieve success in your business and be part of a successful team that puts your interests and the interests of your customers first. We understand that one business model does not fit all. NexVision Financial Group brings to you three opportunities that will give you the freedom to grow a financial practice as an independent agent reflecting your own vision, markets, strengths, education and methods.

Agent Contract:
This contract is for producers who mainly only write businesses and recruiting is not the focus. Producers can access our complete product portfolios with top agent commissions and production bonuses. Producers can also participate in various sales promotions that we make available monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

NexVision Builders Contract:
This contract is for individuals who want to build a big team or agency under the brand of NexVision Financial Group. Builders participate in a compensation plan that pays up to 130% and utilize a platform that allows unlimited recruiting capability. Builders run on our proven system and a profitable business that is duplicable. Builders participate in sales promotion, leadership recognitions, and Hall of Fame indictment.

Agency Owners Contract:
This contract is for experienced agents who want to own their own agency with the support and resources of a partner that truly understand agency building. We offer the knowledge and tools necessary for agencies to compete and thrive. Agency owners have the freedom to be creative, manage and run their business just the way that works for them. Agency owners are in charge of every aspect of the business, from what to sell to who to staff, and how to grow. Agency owners lead their team and their people; we support 100% from the back end with highly competitive commission levels.